Infrastructure & Skills that ignite possibilities


Self-sustaining communities made possible through innovative infrastructure and skills development

Background & History

The Asla Foundation, registered in 2021, is the social impact investment arm of the ASLA group, a professional supplier of fixed infrastructure design and construction solutions that has been operational in South Africa since 1973.


To pioneer collaborative partnerships that deliver integrated infrastructure, resources and skills for sustainable community development.

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What we do

As an expansion of the investment the ASLA group has made into communities to date, the Foundation addresses economic, social and spatial disparity by delivering infrastructure, resources and skills to create self-sustaining communities.

Successes to date

The ASLA group has achieved the following milestones, which underpin the vision for the Foundation and ultimately is the success on which the Foundation will continue to grow and impact our communities.

Help us make a difference

We have extensive experience working with communities to identify needs and engage their collective resources (local institutions, citizen associations and individuals) to deliver practical solutions to the infrastructure needs.